Getting Back on Track

Getting back on Track after Christmas can be difficult. Cravings are high after all the extra sugar and alcohol we have consumed as well as late nights!

I think the danger with Christmas is the temptation to press the ‘Fuck it’ button and continue the unhealthy eating long after Christmas is over, which will obviously do a lot more damage than just indulging the Christmas week. The problem with this is that we won’t feel very good come the New Year if we binge for the entire Christmas…

➡️ First thing first, step away from the scales!! This is the worst thing you can do if you had a bad week. It’s actually quite a mean thing to do to yourself as you know it’s not going to end well and it will only make you feel bad. When you feel bad, that’s when you are most likely to self sabotage and really press the ‘Fuck it’ button!!

➡️ My advice is to get yourself back on track first and only weigh 5-7 days afterwards. The reason being it takes 5-7 days for excess fluid (bloat) and inflammation (achey joints) to come out of your body after all that excess sugar and alcohol so any weight gain before this point will be inaccurate. So you could be up 7-9lbs after Christmas on the scales but really it’s only 2-3lbs of fat, which you’ll have off in no time once you get back on track, so no need to feel bad!

This can be difficult as cravings are high and energy is erratic after all the sugar and alcohol over the holidays. You don’t have to be motivated to start though, sometimes you just have to start getting things in motion and the rest will follow!

One of the most important things is to remove temptation from the house. I would recommend taking biscuits, roses and selection boxes and removing them from their colourful wrappers and instead placing them into neutral packaging, like a brown paper bag or plastic wrapping. Then move them somewhere out of sight! The research doesn’t lie if treat foods are left in plain sight we are going eat more! Move treats out of sight by placing them in the the back of the freezer, in a high up press or in the boot of the car where it can still be used for occasional treats without a constant reminder that it’s in the house. If you really don’t trust yourself then bring it into work in the New Year! This is a reality for some people (myself included) where you just have to get rid of it completely.

Removing junk from the house does not mean going without treats! I use a powdered sweetener called Erythritol to make brownies, truffles, cheesecakes and more! Any keto friendly desserts are going to be low in carbs and sugar free! You can download my brownie recipe here: Brownie Recipe 😍

Erythritol can be tricky to get your hands on but I much prefer it to Xylitol, which is extremely toxic to dogs. I buy mine from Pure and Natural and you can get a full kilo bag for €11. You can use my code NBN10 for 10% off plus delivery is only €2! https://pureandnatural.ie/erythritol-natural-sugar-alternative-powdered-1000g-pink

This is so simple and you have probably heard it a million times but proper hydration is vital for not only health but also for reducing cravings. I don’t just mean water either, you need to replace lost minerals too. When your body is looking for salt what it really wants is mineral salts and adding these to water can help super charge your hydration (and energy) while reducing cravings. Aim for 3 pints of water daily with 20 drops of electrolytes in each glass (must be sugar free like Elete or Virdian). Drink them in between meals; first thing in the morning, mid afternoon and evening. I am guessing your skin is looking pretty dehydrated after all that sugar and alcohol and this will really help plump those cells up! https://pureandnatural.ie/elete-electrolyte-120ml

Remember protein is the key macro nutrient for keeping you full for longer and nipping cravings in the bud. You just need to decide which protein source you are going to use and bulk your meals up with lots of veggies and some healthy fats and you won’t go too far wrong!

Intermittent fasting can be really good for health, however fasting and a chaotic eating schedule over christmas can encourage over hunger and binge eating the wrong foods. For this reason I would encourage clients to instead place their focus on getting into a good routine planning regular meals, until the kids are back at school or they are back to normal eating routine. I love a coffee with cream in the morning while I plan the day ahead, including when and what I will eat. This is a really good practice for helping you stay on track. I usually add a spoon of collagen to my coffee and it keeps me going for a couple of hours until hunger kicks in and I have a lovely brunch at this point, a snack in the afternoon and then my dinner. This routine really suits me and a lot of my clients but I would encourage you to find a routine that suits your schedule.

If your motivation for healthy eating is purely centred around moving a number on the scales, you will get bored quickly and it’s often not a strong enough reason to help people keep going on those harder days. I encourage my clients to write out 15 reasons why they want to improve their health and look after themselves. Yes weight loss can be one of those 15 reasons but it can’t be the only one. Remember women’s bodies fluctuate! Some weeks we lose weight, some weeks we maintain and some weeks we might even gain a pound or two, even when we are being good. (That’s usually related to our hormones). The scales not moving is one of the biggest reasons women self sabotage their healthy eating so if the scales is your only measure of success, you can see how you could easily get fed up and throw in the towel. Consistency is key for long term weight loss. Anyone who has lost 3-4 stone will tell you that there were weeks where they did not lose any weight but the key is to keep the bigger picture in mind, know your ‘why’ and just keep going! X

If you feel anything less than 100% and would like to join my female wellness community where you’ll get a 10 day meal plan to start you off as well as lots of low carb and sugar free recipes to help you nip those sugar cravings in the bud and reduce excess bloat you can find more information on my website below…

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