Firstly I need to say this is not a diet or weight loss plan! This is just a challenge using proven strategies to help boost a feeling of wellbeing and vitality to beat those January blues! ❤️

For anyone who follows my page… you know how absolutely passionate I am about gut health and it’s link to mood!! Fermented foods such as kefir contain probiotics that can help fight depression via the gut brain axis. I recommend drinking 100ml for 21 days to experience maximum benefits before reducing down to a maintenance dose of 2-3 times per week. Kefir has many benefits ranging from boosting mood and energy, improving digestion as well as supporting healthy ageing, skin and hormones. Many of my clients have reported a reduction in bloating and cravings when they are drinking kefir –> which is always a good thing! If you don’t have kefir grains at home then you can pick some up on my website below…

Sugar not only contributes to inflammation in the body (which is not good for the brain) it also promotes energy peaks and crashes. These contribute to mood swings, cravings and irritability. The first part of cutting out sugar is to remove it from your house!! Having good quality protein at each meal and snack will help you feel satisfied and reduce cravings. Although this is not a diet plan I have included a delicious sugar free chocolate brownie recipe below to help you replace your evening chocolate and biscuits during the 21 day challenge. FYI dark chocolate is high in polyphenols and anti oxidants and is great for the gut!

Exercise is thought to be just as effective as an anti-depressants when it comes to mild-to-moderate depression. January is a perfect time to sign up to a 6 week yoga course or even just to commit to walk everyday. I know you can’t depend on the Irish weather so I have included a link to my favourite 10 minute home workouts below!

Many of my clients suffer from sleep issues, whether it’s not getting enough sleep, problems falling asleep, problems staying asleep or feeling tired when they wake up… I will over strategies for all of these issues in a Facebook Live during the challenge. Sleep is an important factor when it comes to mood but also weight loss and energy!

It’s so easy for me to say stress less but how can we actually achieve this? During this 21 day Challenge I will share a morning meditation to help everyone start the day on the right foot! I’ll also be interviewing a guest speaker about how you can leave your worries in the past, which I think will be very interesting for some people 😃

Please join the Facebook group for access to the interviews and meditations!

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