This plan is an educational plan where you will learn lots about your body, including how to control sugar cravings and how to balance your hormones. It includes a sample meal plan and loads of recipes. I will go through the best way to plan meals with everyone in the Facebook support group.

Support is provided via email and through the Facebook support group. Unfortunately it does not include any individual support but we do have weight loss coaches and nutritional therapists in the group for anyone who feels they would benefit more from one on one accountability.

I designed this Low Carb and High Fat challenge to help people get healthy and lose a few pounds in doing so. It’s aimed at teaching your body to comfortably fast for 14-18 hours over night with 3 meals or 2 large meals per and 1 snack. Think about having a large fry up when you stay in a hotel… you are literally full for hours and will often skip lunch and go straight to dinner. The idea is that you would wait until you are actually hungry enough to have a decent size, nutritious breakfast to keep you full for 4-5 hours!

It won’t happen over night but this way of eating will train your body to easily go for hours without even thinking about food. I think we are all guilty of snacking mindlessly since lock down and the idea of surviving on just 2 or 3 meals seems unachievable. However this challenge is going to give you the tools by getting you in touch with your true hunger and fulness and gently easing you into fasting over the 4 weeks.

In the first week you are going to get in touch with your hunger and fullness queues and try to limit your snacking… often times we are eating out of boredom or because we are craving sugar and not because we are actually hungry! Cutting down on carbohydrates and increasing healthy fats and protein will reduce cravings, while at the same time balance out energy and mood! This gives huge freedom from thinking about food all day long!

Excess glucose in the form of high carb foods and sugar can trigger weight around the tummy and when we take these foods out of the diet the waist line will naturally start to shrink! I’ve included a tracker in the program so you can take your measurements. If you’d like to read through some of the girls comments you can scroll down to the very bottom of this page!

Studies have shown (Murphy et el 2018) that participants consuming a LCHF or keto diet naturally consumed less calories because of reduced hunger. This is so important for any long term dietary strategy because it means you are not constantly fighting with will power against cravings and there’s higher chance of success.

No need to fear healthy fats when carbohydrate levels and calories are reduced. Most of the problems experienced with a high fat diet comes from the typical SAD diet (Standard American Diet) where people are consuming an excess of calories and carbohydrates alongside unhealthy fats and damaged fats. Think deep fried chips, donuts, crisps and processed foods. On my plan I encourage people to eat a range of colourful low carb vegetables alongside quality protein and healthy fats.

This is not a set meal plan, although a sample meal plan, recipes and a base shopping list are provided for inspiration. This makes the program much more flexible and suitable for both males and females, meat eaters, vegetarians and pescetarians!

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