21 Day Detox


You can’t turn anywhere in the media these days without hearing about how your gut bacteria affect not just your digestion but also your hormones and waistline too!  That’s exactly why I designed my 21 Day Kefir Detox. Kefir is a fermented yoghurt drink you make at home and it contains over 120 different strains of beneficial microbes!  Kefir actually comes from the word ‘Keif,’ which literally translates to the “good feeling” you experience while drinking it!!   21 days is the perfect length of time to form a healthy habit and the kefir you receive during the program will last you a lifetime if you take care of it.

 “Through working with my own female clients and previous online programs I’ve learned that women not only wanted help with bloating, they also wanted support with hormonal issues, low energy and clearer skin.”


Why not join a program that will support you to introduce healthy habits that you can keep up for a lifetime!

This program was designed to help support:

  • Increased energy
  • A flatter tummy
  • Clearer skin
  • Better mood
  • Better sleep
  • Reduction in cravings
  • Less hormonal weight gain


  1. A lifetime supply of kefir: I’ll post you out your FREE Kefir 1 week before the program begins!!
  2. The support of a group environment to help keep you motivated!
  3. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to use your Kefir.
  4. You drink the kefir for 21 days as well as eating the recommended diet.
  5. As a special bonus you’ll receive over 70 gluten free and hormone balancing recipes!  All recipes are paleo friendly and 100% gluten free!
  6. Exercise links you can do at home to help support muscle mass and metabolism
  7. There’ll be live videos in the group discussing the best foods, supplements and lifestyle tips for balancing hormones and losing weight.
  8. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: I am happy to refund anyone who feels that their health has not improved after the 21 days.  Just make sure you hold onto the packaging so you can return the kefir!

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Aine Dolan“I can’t believe how bloated I was before I started the program.  Of course I knew I was bloated and felt like crap but when I see the difference now I’m even more determined to keep this up.  This is where my life started to change for the better, my mood lifted, energy levels increased immensely and brain fog was gone.   This for me is so much better than being a skinny minny, (which is why I started this in the first place). But what I have gotten out of it is just amazing.  So many people are commenting on how well I look, my skin is glowing and hair shining.”   Aine Dolan 

Laura MerriganNiamh I’m feeling fantastic. I have to thank you.  I haven’t even started taking my vitamins and already I feel better. The Nutribullet has been a game changer for me!  I feel a lot less swollen and have dropped 6 lbs  since our meeting not even a week ago.  I can’t believe it, my cravings are also a lot less so I’m delighted…  My mood is not as up and down and I’ve more energy.  I’m a new woman. (Well at least I feel like myself. I missed me)” 🙂  Laura Merrigan

“I started the detox with Niamh last year. I was suffering very badly with silent reflux Grainne Maunsellwhich I put down to having h-pylori twice.  For almost a year I’d wake every morning with really bad  nausea and even vomited bile an odd morning because of it.  Eating used to help and the nausea used to come in waves throughout the day. It was so debilitating at times. I went to consultants and my gp too many times to count and all they suggested was antacid tablets and Gaviscon, these weren’t of much help.  I had a friend who told me about Niamh and Kefir and the wonders it did for her stomach. I decided to do the detox and start the Kefir.  After a few weeks my mornings were a totally different experience!! No more nausea!! I felt normal again.  I felt so much less bloated on the detox diet and felt mentally and physically more energetic.  I cannot speak highly enough of the program and of course the kefir and would strongly recommend it to anyone suffering from digestive issues.”    Grainne Maunsell

Marie Dineen“My story isn’t a weight loss story because I had no weight to lose, but is one of allergies, intolerances and LOTS of unpleasant bloating!  Two years ago I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy and I had become dairy intolerant too. After years of bloating after meals, despite carefully avoiding wheat and dairy. I had done a lot of reading on the importance of gut bacteria and how fermented foods and drinks help build good gut flora but I didn’t really take action on introducing any of this until this detox!!!  Drinking Kefir daily has also had a number of other great effects for me!  I have more energy too and definitely have less PMS and crazy hormones the last two months also!!!  Thank you Niamh for giving me the kick start I needed to try kefir and to make it a daily habit.”   Marie Dineen

Clare Tuohy Battersby“I’m only doing the kefir 2 weeks and I’m getting amazing results!   My stomach pains and headaches have completely cleared up and my skin is much better.  My belly was super bloated (always) and I wanted to lose weight but I didn’t expect it to make such a difference so fast though!  The pants I wore my first day with Niamh, the waistline was literally bursting and when I put them back on today they were too big.” Clare Battersby


DSC_0956“I cannot recommend Niamh enough as a nutritional therapist! I started drinking kefir and eating paleo this month on her recommendation. I have never felt healthier!  This is the best I have felt in years.   This week has been great on the detox! One patient at work asked me if I’m having botox!   A friend of mine, who I haven’t seen for a few months said it’s like my cheekbones have moved up my face!  She also said the whites of my eyes were really white and bright!  Even my partner told me I’m glowing!  He never says stuff like that!!!!!!”  Sometimes very special people come into your life when you need them most, thanks Niamh xxx  Alison Cahill


“I just wanted to let you know how the 3 weeks went! I’ve lost 11lbs so far. I put on a pair of jeans that fitted me the last time I wore them (about a month ago) but now they are falling off me! I can’t believe it! After I stopped some of my medications in April I’ve been keeping my weight steady but just couldn’t loose anything no matter what I’ve tried. Am delighted with the results so far! I am definitely going to continue taking the kefir and clean eating!” Lara McNicholas

11150356_10202639050376077_5631285276633466033_n“I started using Kefir when I was 23 weeks pregnant.  At the time I had a UTI, low energy and my digestive system was slow.  Now I can happily say all those symptoms are gone and I’ve had an easy pregnancy since!  Also I feel fuller for longer with less sugar cravings. The support we all got from Niamh was brilliant and all questions were answered really quickly.  We got lots of additional reading and recipe ideas which I loved. Kefir is now part of my daily routine and I look forward to having it” 🙂  Siobhan Hennelly

11944384_10152975779236044_244878968_n“I really enjoyed taking part in the kefir 21-day cleanse with Niamh. The private facebook group is really helpful, especially with advice from Niamh on getting your kefir started, and also tips and advice from the other members…I found after some detox symtoms the first few days that my stomach became flatter, my energy levels increased and also my skin became clearer and smoother. And the kefir is tasty too! I have continued to use my kefir even after the cleanse… it also helps with sweet cravings which is great! Thanks again Niamh for all your help” – Claire Collins

image1“I found the kefir detox to be really enjoyable and beneficial. I was having problems with sinus pain, constant sneezing and sniffles, and tummy bloating. These have completely disappeared! I have now gotten into the habit of taking the kefir daily, and I wouldn’t remove it from my routine now that I see all the benefits! Niamh was a great support, always there to answer any questions, and gave us loads of advice and recipes! I would definitely recommend trying this detox and attending one of Niamh’s informative talks. It is Something so simple that can really change your health!”  Aisling O’ Beirne

photo“This is my first post as I started late but 10 days in and I’m feeling great…really like the Kefir…it did take a while!  I lost a few stubborn lbs from baby weight, skin improved, mood improved and sleep is better…even with a toddler. I have struggled giving up caffeine and milk in my tea etc. but not craving bread which I did not think was possible. Loving all the meal ideas… especially the ways of increasing veg plus the paleo chicken goujons are delish….” Jennifer Becker

joanne-casey-photo“I really enjoyed the Kefir detox. My bloat is practically gone and I have lost over 7lbs! I feel great, I used to have really bad cravings for salty foods and sugar after dinner and this has all stopped. I used all the recipes and they were gorgeous. I feel so different, my mood has even improved! I truly believe Kefir and the support of the group has made it easier and I will continue to have Kefir as part of my day.”

Joanne Casey


“Thank  you  so much  for introducing  me to Kefir. I had previously  tried probiotics but wouldn’t  take  them  everyday and  found  them  quite expensive.   Once I read the  benefits of Kefir I was dying  to try it out.  The demonstration evening was fantastic and all the recipe ideas were worth it alone.  I took  the kefir for 21 days. ..first few day’s raw/plain and then I tried it as breakfast smoothie….which I can’t live without now!  It keeps me  going  until lunch  time, and I have  a big  appetite!!   I am sleeping better, have more  energy throughout the day and my skin is a lot better too.  I am definitely going  to keep this up. Thanks again”  Nicola Deacy

 “My main reason for starting the Kefir Detox was my skin. I suffered severe acne/ rosacea on my lower cheeks, neck and nose. I tried tablets, creams, lasers and peels eventually coming to the conclusion it was an internal issue.  I never did this for weight loss, but had also been suffering with frequent episodes of crippling stomach pain, heartburn and alternating bowel movements. I came across this detox on Facebook, read up on the facts and reviews and decided to give it a go. The results I achieved in that short space of time are amazing. My skin has cleared up, I am down body fat and inches, and after 2 big babies I have abs for the first time in years!!   My advice is if at first you don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again!!”   Elaine Dunne

“Niamh I’ve been so long meaning to tell you how wonderful life has been since going Susan Burkeon your programme… I started it last September/October and when my husband started to see the positive results I was experiencing he followed what I was doing with amazing results!
At the time I had more bloating issues rather than weight issues, lack of energy & cravings.  As soon as I started to follow what you advised all of that greatly improved.  I’m so happy to say that 3 to 4 months later I’m still doing great but whatever about me, my husband is doing even better, he lost over 1 stone in weight in 6 weeks and has kept that weight loss!
So Thank you Niamh & keep up the fantastic work x”  Susan Burke 


“2 weeks into detox now and I feel great, it’s definitely helped balance stress levels, and given me more energy as it’s hard to get a full nights sleep with wakeful toddler.  I have noticed big improvement in my digestive system and I feel like I’ve lost a couple of pounds!   I haven’t been as restrictive as I could have but I am getting loads of veg into my daily diet”   Emer Glynn


“I really appreciated the support, helpful tips and meal ideas that we got during the Kefir detox. I lost weight, my tummy became flatter, my sleep pattern improved, my humour improved and my bowels regulated. I would really recommend this detox.”   

Yvonne Tierney


“An update for those you who consume alcohol. I went out last night and was having a few but I haven’t be drinking in ages so I was expecting the norm this morning which is; a sore head, tired and most of all a bloated tummy… but this morning I’m fine!  I expected to feel crap cause it’s been a while since I was out last but nope, so far I’m feeling good and ready to consume my next lot of kefir; so all in all, I’m liking this kefir living” Shauna Mc Caul

Louise Mahon

“I have been using it the last two weeks its super!  I am back at work filling in for someone on maternity leave and I feel so energised especially being a mom of two boys…  they are all go! My eating is alot healthier and feel so refreshed. Thank you.”  Louise Mahon

Catherine Geraghty Photo 2

“I’m really glad I did Niamh’s 21 Day Detox. At first it seemed like a lot of effort -buying unusual ingredients and planning meals, prepping food etc… but after only a week the hard work paid off and I got used to it all.  My body started to feel lighter overall, my sleep improved (and I need less sleep too), my energy increased (subtly) and by the end my skin feels really smooth and I have lost some weight.  People tell me I look “brighter” and I feel it too!   Best of all is that I have formed new habits!  My sugar cravings subsided quite quickly after starting and I am craving less food in the evenings, which has been my weakness since giving up smoking two years ago.  So, for me this has been not just a three week diet but an opportunity to develop or return to healthier me.   Thank you so much Niamh!”

Catherine Geraghty

(null)“I’ve been using store bought kefir for years, but always wanted to be able to make my own.  I went to one of Niamh’s workshops and it was really practical; it gave me 100% confidence in making it myself.  I signed up for the online group, got my kefir, and have never looked back.  I take it every day, it’s just part of my routine now.  Sometimes I have it with some fruit, sometimes in a smoothie and sometimes I just have it by itself; I actually really like it.  I have previously had problems with candida overgrowth, and it has really helped with that.  I also find it brilliant after a course of antibiotics.  The online group was really good, and Niamh answered any questions really promptly.  My husband uses it too, and now that mine is growing I’m going to share it with friends and family.  I’d really recommend it.”      Martina O’Brien

10501978_10152339415347583_2460577800238008767_n“It was wonderful how Niamh made making keifir so simple and easy to make and take!  As well as educating us of the benefits of this simple nutritious super probiotic drink.  The group was supported with great, simple and effective recipes. What more could you ask for!  I’m still taking the Kefir and intend to keep taking it every day!   Thanks Niamh and keep up the good work.”  
Michelle Brady

“I have just completed the Niamh Burke Nutritionist ‘21 Day Probiotic Kefir Detox’ and while there have beSAFIA2en marked physical improvements in my health in the past three weeks (digestive, skin and energy improvement particularly), the most enjoyable aspect on a personal level, was the feeling of support and encouragement that I received from Niamh and the facebook group also. Niamh was very realistic, empathetic and informative throughout the kefir detox programme. Kefir has become part of my daily routine and ritual and I now make kefir smoothies for my kids also.  It is an easy and affordable way to include health giving probiotics in your diet and having the guided three week programme was a fantastic introduction to this amazing cultured food.”  Soph Waller

10496037_10152745761278319_5891401538255347588_o“One of the reasons I wanted to try the kefir detox was my skin.  It would seem a lot of skin conditions are actually fungal/yeast-like in their origins.   I have been to two dermatologists, neither of whom seemed to find any cure for my chest/back acne, so I researched other causes and came up with malassezia.   Malassezia is a yeast that lives in our hair follicles and thrives on oily skin – and mainly affects the chest and back.   I’m utterly convinced that this is my issue – and since I’ve started taking kefir it’s beginning to clear!   I’ve made kefir part of my daily diet, and I will recommend it to anyone who will listen to me!!”  Eleanor Burke

IMG_1860“This morning I woke up happy as every morning but more than usual.  The reason is I completed my 21 days detox and I can say that my day 1 and my day 21st were completely different.   Why because kefir came into my life and my energy is so amazing now.  If you feel it’s difficult don’t give up as you are about to achieve something in your life which will make you happier everyday.   I don’t know if that message will help any of you but trust me you want to loose weight in the right way: this is it “KEFIR” is your solution …My husband lost a stone and I lost 4 Kg since I joined 1 month ago.Sarah Barkoczi

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