I have designed this 10 day program to support women who would like to try out the keto diet without days of research and guess work!!  This program will give you:

➡️ A shopping list from Aldi 

➡️ 10% off Evergreen online for your fat bomb recipe ingredients

➡️ Meal planner for the 10 days

➡️ Recipes that are all macro and calorie counted

➡️ Family friendly recipes with amazing feedback 

➡️ Delicious sweet treat recipes to help kick that sugar habit to the curb! 

This program was designed with females in mind and is not suitable for vegetarians, fussy eaters or those avoiding fish, eggs or dairy.

What you’ll learn on the program:

➡️ How to avoid side effects of cutting down on carbohydrates (such as keto flu and digestive disorders)

➡️ How to tell when you are actually in ketosis.

➡️ The best type of exercise to help you transition into ketosis.

➡️ What to do when weight loss stalls

You’ll also get:

➡️ Accesss to a supportive Community where you are under the care of a nutritional therapist to answer any questions.

➡️ Money Back guarantee if you don’t lose weight.

By purchasing my program you are agreeing to the Terms, Conditions and Cautions so please read carefully. 

➡️Metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes, PCOS or metabolic syndrome (central obesity).

➡️People who feel they have no control over their appetite 

➡️People who experience sugar cravings, frequent energy dips and dependency on coffee throughout the day.  

➡️People who tend to store weight around their middle 

➡️A low carbohydrate diet has also been shown to be beneficial to help in reducing blood pressure

Reducing insulin and blood glucose levels can reduce risk of many diseases but in general can help a person feel much more balanced in terms of energy, cravings, mood and sleep. 

When symptoms improve in these areas sticking to a healthy diet to can be much easier!!

⭐Don’t just take my word for it though.. scroll down further for client feedback! 















“I have tried everything to lose weight in past; Everything from juicing diets to motivation weight loss programmes but despite being completely committed and disciplined nothing worked for me. The effort didn’t equal the results. So I approached Niamh to see if she could help.  She suggested a higher fat and lower carb diet.  I lost 6 lbs in the first week and I’ve already noticed a big difference in my clothes.  Tops especially are now sitting so much more comfortably around my hips and tummy area.  My energy has increased, I feel great and my sleep has greatly improved – my partner has even commented that I have stopped snoring and it’s the first time in years I’m sleeping the full night through! AMAZING!!” – Marie, Galway


“I went to Niamh for some help with severe migraines and fatigue and I also wanted help to lose weight.  I am happy to report that I noticed an immediate improvement in energy with the change in diet and supplements and my headaches completely disappearred after the first few sessions.  Although I was eating healthy the pounds still weren’t shifting so Niamh suggested I try out a low carb and high fat diet.  She designed a tailored diet, recipes, shopping list and support throughout.  I’ve now lost over 9lbs in only 12 days and several inches from around my waist!”  – Louise, Galway


“I went for a consultation with Niamh two weeks ago. I was already following a relatively healthy diet & exercising and while I lost weight initially when I started ‘clean’ eating; nothing had budged for months.  Niamh suggested the ketogenic diet as a way to kick start the weight loss again.  In just under 2 weeks, I’ve lost half a stone & a few inches too!  I’m loving Niamh’s recipes; everything is so tasty! Although, there’s a bit of prep, it’s worth it and the step-by-step recipes are easy to follow.  My friends and family have even noticed a difference in how I look already, so I’m delighted!  My skin also looks great; I think it’s from all the healthy fats!”  – Dee, Ennis


“Just an email to tell you how grateful I am to you for all the advice and information on PCOS and hormone balancing.  My only regret is I didn’t go to see you sooner.   I lost a stone in weight on the ketogenic diet coming up to my brothers wedding with your guidance. But the bonus was I actually found out I was pregnant, which was a HUGE but welcome shock because I required fertility treatment in the past to conceive and maintain my first pregnancy…  I truly feel the diet, which was actually very easy to fit into my lifestyle had such a dramatic effect on my hormones, which were previously all over the place. I really cannot thank you enough.”  – Trish, Mayo


“I just wanted to let you know how I got on during the 10 day program. Today is day 11 for me. I lost 6 1/2 lbs so far. I’m really enjoying the food, & will keep up this way of eating for sure. I’ve been a regular gym goer for ages & couldn’t shift any weight at all.  To lose this much weight in such a short time is a real motivation to keep going.  I’d ideally like to lose a stone in total. Day 3-5 were the worst for me with headaches, dry mouth, bad breath & heavy legs. I increased electrolytes & drank more water & symptoms improved.  I hardly have any sweet cravings at all now & I have a bar of 85% chocolate in case I need a small bit to get me through…  Thank you very much for this plan, I can honestly say I haven’t been hungry at all.”  – Mary, Tuam


“Day 10 on the plan – Down 8lbs to date!  I’m borderline low thyroid so for me this is a brilliant loss as have struggled on other plans over the last two years to a point I was totally frustrated with the effort I was putting in and getting nothing in return. I have lost that bloated look and can see a big difference in gym gear after only 10 days- especially round tummy area. Sweet tooth has disappeared and am not as hungry, I am thrilled with the results to date and want to continue to follow the low carb plan. Have my sisters wedding coming up in September so another few to lose buts it’s the first time I feel this is actaully achievable.  Thanks to Niamh & everyone for all the support and daily suggestions which has really kept me going as well!”  – Muriel Astricks

“Success!  I want to thank you most sincerely for introducing me to the keto diet.  I lost 6.5lbs on the 10 day programme and my energy levels have increased. I will stick with the lifestyle as I find the foods fit in well with what the family are eating. Your programme is clear and it is really beneficial being able to source all the food in Aldi. I will encourage my friends and family to sign up also.  Thanks again.”  -Niamh


“I just wanted to let you know how I got on with your 10 day plan. It was very tough the first few days, but I got through it and loved it ever since. I lost 5 lb and my skin is so good too which I didn’t expect or think about until one of my friends said it to me!!  Also my kids loved all the dinners especiaaly the curry which is now “ The best ever” by my fussy 8 year old daughter. My 10 year old son loved the stuffed peppers. So thank you.” – Lorraine


“I had a lecture from Niamh recently and was really impressed.  I decided to start the Keto diet on her recommendation… While weight loss was part of my motivation, I was also very interested in the hormonal benefits as I have recently turned 50 and had started to see some menopausal symptoms; brain fog, short term memory loss, hot flushes, hormonal skin breakouts, fatigue and awful tiredness in the morning!!  Anyway I followed a strict 3 weeks of 20 grams a day restricted carb diet and feel fantastic!!  5 weeks later I’ve lost 11lbs..my energy and mood is dramatically improved and my skin is really clear and bright with no more hormonal breakouts.”  – Deirdre


“Just want to say a big thank you for being part of your 10 day kick start programme. I found the programme simple to follow and the meals were delicious!  My favourite was the chorizo, spinach and egg breakfast.  I lost 10lbs and a total of 15 inches!!! 5 from my stomach, 3 from my hips and the rest spread all over.  I have done Weight Watchers, Slimming World and even Dr. Eva’s clinic (too expensive to sustain) in the past and always gained the weight back and then some. This time I am achieving this on my own and it feels great. I had been toying with keto before I joined your programme but was afraid I was doing it wrong so this has been a real boost for me. Keto is my new way of life!!  Thanks Niamh.”     – Maria  


“I was part of the 10 day Keto challenge, I absolutely loved it. It was a super educational and supportive group to be in and I have to thank you very much for putting the program together. I have continued on with Keto and I’ve seen such a change in my body. I used to swell up and I would go up a dress size within hours of eating but that’s all changed now. My periods had gotten so bad I would almost faint and it was such a struggle to work.  Now I fly through them!  I’ve lost a stone and a half and I’m delighted!” – Aine 


“Just to let you know I’m down 7lbs and absolutely thrilled. I have another 14lbs to go so im going to repeat it again. Recipes are gorgeous, just like going to the restaurant every night. Thank you so much.”  – Eileen


By purchasing my program you are agreeing to the Terms, Conditions and Cautions so please read carefully.

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